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Cloud services have emerge as mainstream in enterprise, We give services that seamlessly assess, modernize, migrate and combine your enterprise & era environments to the cloud. We set up a scalable digital infrastructure to meet evolving business and IT demands & ensure high availability or disaster recovery environment across geographically separated information centers with a purpose to resume operations after an unexpected downtime. We provide architecture and method consulting for the integration of cloud offerings into complicated device architectures.

Accelerate time-to-market with our cloud based solutions

Our cloud based solutions enables you to keep tab on your real time business operations and respond quicker to changing business needs. Thus it enables you to reduce time-to-market, and drive continuous innovation for business growth. Our cloud services include App Modernization, application rationalization, migration, deployment, customization, private and public cloud integration, Telematics & IoT solution and Big Data & Analytics.

  • Managed Services and Serverless Infrastructure support
  • Expert in advance IoT solutioning
  • BI and Analytics capabilities
  • Enterprise Migration Services

Optimize costs, minimize risks & achieve operational excellence…

Get most out of your investment and meet your ever expanding business needs with Well-Architected Review of your workloads on AWS cloud

Approach: The CROPS concept

For MSID, the Well-Architected framework is like a tool to harvest more valuable 'CROPS' (Cost, Reliability, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Security) for its customers. Well Architected review can help you build and deploy faster, lower or mitigate risks, make informed decisions, and learn AWS best practices and ensure the most optimized solution vetted on these five pillars of cloud architecture.

Cost Optimization

non-essential costs.


Preventing and quickly recovering from failures.

Operational Excellence

Managing systems Using IT to deliver business value

Performance Efficiency

Using IT and compute resources efficiently


Protecting information and systems

How it works?

Hone your edge in the digital world

24*7*365 Monitoring & Management

Continuous integration & DevOps

Backup and Recovery

Cloud Security

Cloud Native App & Product Development

Database Administration

Cloud automation & Monitoring

Cloud Hybrid Services

Cloud Migration & Deployment

Optimized Cloud Performance

Cloud Architecture & Design

Harnessing Partner Relationships

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