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Building technology agnostic business applications

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With our rich experience & expertise by developing agile business applications ranging from Manufacturing to Healthcare to Finance & Banking, education and more, we ensure smooth development to provide long-term support and maintenance, we have created a repository for reusable components that helps us fast tracking the application development lifecycle with zero risk.

Motherson Technology & Software targets to become desired IT partners to the groups, co-developing systems and assist them decorate commercial enterprise value, with commitment to solve complicated enterprise troubles and supply excessive pleasant solutions inside dedicated time frames and budgets.

Service Offerings

We deliver end-to-end solutions that help the businesses by supporting the complete Product Development Cycle at various stages from Ideation, Product Backlog creation for MVP, Sprint Grooming and Planning, Development, Testing, Sprint Retrospection, Go-Live and post go-live support.

Custom Application Development

  • Product Backlog & Architectural Roadmaps
  • Desktop and Responsive Web based applications
  • Cloud Native Apps
  • Third Party API and System Integration
  • Database Migration

Application Performance Tuning and Monitoring

  • Performance Troubleshooting
  • Code Optimization
  • Database Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Caching Strategy
  • Application Server Tuning

Application Maintenance and Enhancement

  • Troubleshooting
  • Modifying, maintaining and enhancing
  • SLA based L2 and L3 production support

Application Modernizing and Re-engineering

  • Application assessment
  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • Programming language migration
  • Refactoring custom applications
  • Redesign of application architecture
  • Redesign of application interfaces

Native Apps Development

  • iOS Native Apps using Swift and Objective-C
  • Optimizing IOS Apps for iPad
  • Android Native Apps using Kotlin and Java
  • Mobile App Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • Mobile App Integration with Third Party Systems & Devices
  • App Deployment to Stores

Mobile App Testing

  • Unit testing using XCode for native applications
  • Manual testing for Functional, Performance and UI

Hybrid Apps Development

  • App development using Ionic , Xamarin , React Native
  • Mobile App Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • Mobile App Integration with Third Party Systems & Devices
  • App Deployment to Stores

CI/CD Pipelines

  • Building on premises and cloud pipelines
  • Pipelines for database, web apps, microservices, and ETL
  • Integration of open source tools (Jenkins, Maven, VSCode) with DevOps


  • Application Deployment Assessment and Recommendations
  • Hosting of apps using Docker & Kubernetes

Management and Monitoring

  • Reviews of internal teams, platforms and pipeline performance KPIs to ensure no gaps
  • Application insights and telemetry data analysis
  • DOS (Denial of Service Threat) Analysis

Workflow Customization and Process Automation

  • Customer specific workflow customization and process mapping
  • Digital footprint traceability
  • Automating processes from requirements capturing to deployment

Environment Provisioning

  • Ensuring application availability and scalability as per customer needs
  • Cost analysis and optimization

Cloud Practices

  • Cloud Migration & Deployment
  • Database Administration
  • Cloud Architecture & Design
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Cloud Security
  • Optimized Cloud Performance

Functional Testing

  • Positive and Negative Testing
  • Smoke/Sanity/Regression Testing
  • Online & Offline access Testing
  • Cross Browser and Compatibility Testing

UI/UX Testing

  • User experience
  • Compliance with UX / UI standards
  • Expert Review

Compatibility Testing

  • Define a set of environments required for testing
  • Build a configuration matrix
  • Setup environments for compatibility testing
  • Start testing the combinations of high priority

Performance Testing

  • Performing the Load, Stress, Spike, Volume, Scalability and Endurance Testing
  • Evaluating the CPU Usage Testing
  • Measuring the Network usage

L10N & I18N Testing

  • Validation of Locales (text and images)
  • Validation of Internationalization (currency, data formats and time zones)

QA Automation

  • Strategy formulation as per business process
  • Scenarios assessment for ROI
  • Formulate the Framework (POM, Behaviour-Driven, Data driven)
  • Design the test groups and execution for different phases of development
  • Integrating to achieve CICD

Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan
  • Vulnerability Identification using Net Sparker and IBM Burp Suite

Database Migration Testing

  • Assessment of data quality, referential integrity and data consistency of source systems
  • Formulate DB Migration Testing Strategy
  • Compare source and migrated data

Technologies Expertise

Our technology team is well positioned to meet any custom application development challenge in Web, Desktop, Mobile, Hybrid and Cloud Native Apps.

Multiple Centers of Excellence ensure technology teams are well trained in latest tools and technologies. Team’s strength is in handling end-to-end project or product development starting from Requirement Analysis to Production Support.

Front End Technologies

Angular, React, ASP.Net, HTML5/Bootstrap

Server Side Technologies

.Net (C#/VB), Java, NodeJS, PHP

SQL/NOSQL Databases

MS SQL Server, My SQL, Postgres, MariaDB, MongoDB, HBase, Dynamo

Mobile Platform

Native iOS App, Native Android App, MS Xamarin, React Native, Ionic

Leading Cloud Platforms

AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud

DevOps Tools and Technologies

Jenkins, Junit, Maven, Git, JIRA, CHEF, New Relic, Slunk

Agile Tools & SDLC Automation

JIRA, Azure DevOps, Balsamiq, Selenium, NUNIT, SonarQube, AWS DevOps

(UX/UI) Design

Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Dreamweaver, Pencil, XD, Draw.IO

Our Cloud Partners

We are partnering with industry leaders to provide most suitable and cost effective cloud services to our customers. Our partnership level with these technology partners demonstrates our qualification and expertise with respect to specific technology, Domain and industry vertical.

Advanced Consulting Partner

  • Public Sector Partner
  • Solution Provider
  • Education Competency Partner
  • MSP Partner
  • Well Architected
  • Immersion Day Partner

VMWare Cloud Partner

Tier 2 Cloud Service Partner

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