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What is the best way for you to engage your dealers and customers alike. Its critical to show them that you stand behind your product to the consumer while also making it easy for your dealer to order parts irrespective if your product is still under warranty or not. SPW is a one stop solution that tracks purchases, has a workflow for approval to ship parts still under warranty and full access to all your production data as well as your inventory.


Do you face these problems today?

  • Dealers have to make multiple phone calls or go to different websites to service your end customers?
  • Spend a lot of time putting data from one system to another?
  • Complaints from dealers about how difficult it is to do business with you for after sales support
  • No immediate visibility to your dealers for an full inventory of every part in stock real time
  • Lack the ability for dealers to place an order for parts real time based on availability
  • If a part is under warranty, does your system automatically route to the right people for approval so dealers are not waiting?
  • Automatic integration into your ERP/accounting system
  • Integration into engineering control system to know which revision is needed
  • Processing times is slow and this lead to decreased customer satisfaction
  • Lower productivity and efficiency of the business
  • Difficult reporting and knowing what to produce?

Most manufacturers like you needs an end to end solution that can help you in reducing warranty cost, automate the processes, reduce claim processing time, manage parts easily, enhanced supplier relations and increased customer satisfaction. A single platform which not only manage multiple claims, dealers, vendors, suppliers, customers, parts but also enable a data driven decision making in this world full of AI/ML opportunities.

Introducing SPW from Motherson. A web based end-to-end Business Solution, designed to provide effortless warranty management and an online parts store with automated workflow and parts tracking

Claim Processing

Claim Processing is a process in Warranty System in which claim is seeded by a customer or it's Dealer in Draft then for the Claim is to be Approved it has to be Passed through various other Stages, the approver of each Stage is limited to a set of Users as per authority Matrix they are Using.

SPW helps you to

  • Automate claim processing based on business rules
  • Manage
    • factory warranties,
    • extended warranties,
    • Standard parts orders with payments/billing integration
    • parts needed for a recall campaign
  • Integrated with ERP/enterprise systems
  • Analytics modules that will; help you make data driven decision
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) with a cloud-based solution (SAAS)
  • Decrease processing time for claims processing, parts return, supplier recover
  • Increase customer satisfaction by streamlining your processes
  • Increase revenues and profitability
  • Reduce manual efforts and human error
  • Decrease in product recalls

Online Parts Store

  • Internet facing Order Management screens
  • Integrated with available parts inventory
  • Integrated with shopping cart application of your choice
  • Creates pick list for you with a shipping Summary
  • Parts can be loaded from spreadsheets from your suppliers if you prefer not to data enter
  • Audit Trail feature showing you the movement of the part
  • Catalog Browsing
  • Integrated with your ERP system for invoicing

Policy and Coverage Management

  • Create and maintain warranty coverages, policies, applicability, terms and conditions
  • Support multiple warranty types, multiple coverage periods and multiple usages
  • Support deductibles and/or max limits on coverage
  • Maintain varying terms and conditions for parts, labor and other charges
  • View all warranty coverages that are associated with a registered product

Warranty Insights & Analytics

  • Create dashboards and configure reports based on metrics, needs, and user-based criteria
  • Track Claims either by costs, model, or category and review the claim count, part cost, and labor cost totals
  • Detect emerging product quality issues
  • Manage warranty accruals and service plan earnings
  • Schedule and export reports as an Excel file or Acrobat PDF

Claim Processing

  • Support multiple claims
    • Pre-Owned Warranty
    • Extended Warranty
    • Service Bulletins
    • Parts Warranty
    • Goodwill
  • Enter, validate, and process claims entered online or via batch
  • Capture claim failure information
  • View claim payment information
  • Process pending claims
  • Manage business rules for claim validation, processing, and auto-approval
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