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Enable Business optimization & transformation by data driven decision making with the power of Big Data & AI

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Big data management and analytics are now central to business competitiveness. Organizations need to have a clear roadmap for developing an enterprise-wide intelligence culture to guide their data management efforts and set up future-proof IT-powered systems and processes.

MSID enables enterprises in leveraging data visualization, storytelling, and algorithms to transform data into new, actionable insights.


Our Big Data & analytics solutions support in analysing the voluminous information & share the business-critical insights to unearth hidden possibilities for business transformation. MSID offers real-time data integration and streaming analytics, empowering you to feed pre-processed streaming data into enterprise data lakes while getting the maximum value from your high-velocity, high-volume data with context-rich, real-time insights.

Our team of Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Engineers along with Functional Experts work together with the clients; leveraging the power of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more to identify opportunities, assess data, develop solutions and present actionable insights to meet the business objectives.

Our Offerings

With 20+ years of experience, we work in collaboration with the clients to identify opportunities, assess the data, develop solutions and build capabilities for sustainable future. Our solutions range from use-case-specific applications to full-scale analytics transformations.

Operational Improvements and enhanced Plant Productivity using the power of Data and Advanced Analytics.

Data driven evaluation against audit rules and criteria to Generate, Manage, Notify & Track audit exceptions through workflow.

Unlocking the power of Advanced Analytics to improve the Return on Sales by analysing the Trends & Patterns in Sales.

Leveraging analytics for Optimizing the Procurement Cycle, Efficient Supplier Management & Strategic Global Sourcing.

Artificial Intelligence based Digital Personal Assistant for seamless integration of applications and one stop platform for query handling.

Effective & Efficient Planning, Budgeting and Management Reporting with the help of Data & Analytics.

Supports Strategic Decision Making for accurate Workforce Planning, Attrition Analysis and effective Training & Development.

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