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Harnessing value from data

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Our Big Data & analytics solutions support in analysing the voluminous information & share the business critical insights to unearth hidden possibilities for business transformation. MSID offers real-time data integration and streaming analytics, empowering you to feed pre-processed streaming data into enterprise data lakes while getting the maximum value from your high-velocity, high-volume data with context-rich, real-time insights.

Our partnership with leading Tech solution providers – AWS, Microsoft & skilled teams of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Design works together to transform data into insight and help you achieve higher levels of performance.

MSID offers pre-built workload-optimized data warehousing analytics solutions with integrated ETL, application and infrastructure that provides fast time to-value analytics for effective decision-making. Our team is constantly researching on new analytic techniques such as optimization, statistics, and queueing theory, operational excellence, and provide our clients with the ability to use actionable, data-driven business insights.

Increasing Business IQ

Foundational Big Data

Organize collective data with strong data quality & governance

Business & Operational Intelligence

Work on specific business applications with a purpose

Cognitive Intelligence

Building simple and intuitive applications to simplify decision making

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Data Cleansing & Prep

Analytics & Big Data

Data Visualization

Machine Learning

Our Key Focus Areas on Enterprise Data Warehouse

With increased focus on coverage and depth, our EDWH infra will need 5-10 X capacity and processing capabilities to meet our growing needs toward 2020.

Spend & Purchase Analytics


To analyze enterprise purchase/spend data, providing detail insights for global and local procurements and evaluating supplier performances and associated risks.

  • Understanding of Product & Supplier
  • Supplier management – Spend, performance and risk

Audit & Governance

Internal Audit function with the changing landscape can strengthen the groups controls by leveraging the power of big data and analytics and building a control set of continuous audit.

Key Audit Process Areas
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics
  • Acquire to Hire
  • Manufacturing
  • Order to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • Acquire to Hire
  • Hire to Pay
Big Data Enablers
  • Direct Access
  • Analysis & Co-relation
  • Sample to full data
  • Reusability
  • Automation

Factory Intelligence Solutions


Build intelligence in our Factory IOT solutions to drive operational improvement

Business Need
  • Improve Transparency in operations
  • Improve utilization, efficiency, quality (OEE)
  • Reduce downtime by preventing failures
Data Acquisition
  • Sensors-IOT/PLC devices
  • Machine Production data
  • Human Captured-downtime, capacity, defects reasons
  • Environment conditions-temperature, humidity
  • Machine Utilities
Preventive Maintenance, Production Risk Analysis, Equipment Failure and shutdown predictions
Improvements basis diagnostics analysis, machine parameters (like pressure, temperature) monitoring, utilities/ energy analysis
Real time monitoring of machines, OEE analysis, scrap monitoring, downtime monitoring, etc.

Chatbot - Genie


Stock Price, Ticket booking, Food Ordering, Group Information


Translation, Weather, Plant Location, Know about people

Business Intelligence

Market Intelligence, Financial Info, Operational Stats


Access request, Policies and procedure, Raise & Track request, 24 x 7 support
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