Compliance, Audit and Risk Management Software (CARS)

Enabling organizations to manage internal audit lifecycle to improve auditing efficiency
Conducting audits is an important to achieve continuous improvement. Effective audits are the foundation of quality and compliance in any organization. Regular audits are not only essential to reduce the risk of non-compliance but also triggers the alarm to take corrective action(s) on time and prevent business loss(es). Although audit management is becoming increasingly challenging, due to business complexities growing in number and types of audit requirements.

CARS helps organizations in streamlining their audit tasks, from planning and creating checklists to tracking audits, identifying nonconformance and reporting audit results with recommendations.


  • To reduce the cost associated with the risk of non-conformance to standards.
  • Automation of audit processes and elimination of spreadsheet / files based systems used for managing internal audit programs.
  • Real-time view of audit and compliance processes
  • Increased effectiveness of periodic monitoring and review of audit & compliance programs


Process flows

Audit Management

Organize collective data with Business Operational Intelligence,

Compliance Management

Organize collective data with Business Operational Intelligence,

Key contributor in Audit & Compliance process

  • CARS provides the flexibility to support all types of audits, such as:
    • Internal and Operational Audits
    • Supplier Quality and IT audits
  • It also provides end-to-end functionalities to manage complete audit lifecycle - from audit planning and scheduling -> to the development of standard audit plans & checklists -> to field data collection -> to the development of audit reports with recommendations -> to the review of audit recommendations by auditees & the Management, and finally -> implementation of audit recommendations.
  • Advanced capabilities such as time tracking, email-based notifications allow organizations to implement industry best practices for efficient audit execution, and ensure integration of the audit process with the risk and compliance management system.

Salient Features

  • Easy Administration
    • Site Admin can define Audit Program which can be mapped to multiple sites.
    • Site Admin defines Lead Auditor and Lead Auditee.
  • Collaboration
    • Discussion window for each compliances.
    • Uploading support document.
  • Audit Bench
    • Auditor gives rating and remarks on Audit Bench.
    • Auditee or Auditor can upload attachments.
    • Auditee can submit his comments.
  • Other advanced Features
    • Integrated with Active Directory.
    • Configurable Audit Rating option with color-coding.
    • Scoreboard view for performance measurement.
    • Site and Department level security.


  • Reduces Risk : Enables systematic and workflow driven audit processes across the enterprise, with standardized data collection to eliminate audit errors and inconsistencies. Non-compliances are alerted immediately
  • Improve Efficiency : it helps auditors to look into finer and in-depth details of business; enables auditors to identify areas of improvements Best Practice: Facilitates a closed-loop audit cycle for recording findings, developing recommendations, and implementing action plans to ensure best practices are implemented in organization
  • Eliminates Manual Consolidation : Traditional methods of auditing are time consuming. In adopting manual methods, chances of human errors increases during consolidations. The automated functions are capable of doing calculations in the background, thereby improving efficiency and giving more time to auditor to brood upon other things
  • Savings : The ultimate objective of all businesses is to maximize profit by improving productivity by saving time, effort and money, since the system improves efficiency; it automatically translates to company saving on working hours of the employees
  • Easy Tracking : Provides Real-Time auditing of each item by auditor


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